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Western Field Ornithologists Conference

September 26-30, 2012 in Petaluma

WFO's 2012 Conference will be in Petaluma with onsite registration on September 26 and events scheduled from September 27-30. Online registration will open in April. Check the WFO web site for info (http://www.westernfieldornithologists.org/conference.php). As many know from past WFO conferences, early registration is a must as events fill up very fast.

The Conference will offer wide variety of activities including Science Sessions, Workshops, Field Trips, and social events:

    Russ Bradley of PRBO Conservation Science will give the keynote talk on research being conducted on the Farallon Islands.
  • Workshops will include both classroom and field sessions and cover identification of shorebirds (with Al Jaramillo), pelagic birds (with Scott Terrill and Jim Danzenbaker), and raptors (with Homer Hansen and Allen Fish). Peter Pyle will conduct a workshop on molt, Richard Vacha. Keith Hansen will cover sketching of birds in the field. will help you develop your tracking skills, and

  • Shearwater Journeys will offer pelagic trips from Bodega Bay, Emeryville (to visit the Farallons vicinity), and Half Moon Bay. There will be an exclusive photographers' pelagic trip with spots for just six participants.

  • Full day and half-day field trips will visit a host of northern California hotspots, including a special wine country trip with a catered lunch.

  • A post-conference two-day field trip up the coast to Humboldt County will be led by Jon Dunn and Rob Fowler.

  • As always, there will be panels on bird ID using photos and recorded sounds.