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Welcome to TLC Birding

Whether you are a seasoned birder, or just beginning to explore the fascinating world of looking at birds and want to connect with like-minded individuals, this site is for you! I’d like to invite you to look around and check-out what’s available for you.  Check out the "Bird Science" and "World of Birding" links on the left for fascinating information. Descriptions of exciting new birding tours and field trips are added periodically--see the Field Trips & Tours tab above. However, if you’d like to receive advance announcements of my tours and field trips, join the Priority Email List.  I’ll make sure you get "Early Bird" tour and field trip information as soon as it becomes available. I am also available for private field trips and tours; let me know if you have a particular destination in mind and I’ll do the planning and make all your arrangements.

Terry Colborn
TLC Birding

Upcoming Events!

Join former Congressman Vic Fazio and other dignitaries to help celebrate 25 years of growth and achievements, as Yolo Basin Foundation launches a 3-year campaign to ensure the long term viability of this treasured  community resource. Yolo Basin Foundation's 25th Anniversary and Kickoff Campaign: "Vision for the Flyway" is Monday, April 27th, 10am to 11am -- Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area - Parking Lot C.

Light refreshments will be served. For more information, call YBF at: (530) 757-3780.

Birding Adventures of a Lifetime


Midwest Magical Migration Tour - May 3-17, 2015 (Sorry--tour filled with a waiting list!)

Best of Belize and Mayan Ruins - March 2016  (Details TBA)

Brazil:  Atlantic Forest and The Pantanal with a post-extension to Cristalino Jungle Lodge - Fall 2016 (Details TBA)

News Brief!

Birding adventure will benefit Yolo Basin Foundation -- Davis Enterprise
Emerging Solar Plants Scorch Birds in Mid-Air 
USFWS Proposes Designation of Critical Habitat for Western Yellow-Billed Cuckoo:  Read the news release here! 
Fish And Wildlife Service Agrees to Phase-Out Genetically Engineered Crops and Ban Bee-Killing Pesticides on National Refuges! (Center for Food Safety, 7/31/2014)
A Big Day of Birding (Davis Enterprise, 1/19/2014)
Free new iPhone app for birders! (Science Daily, May 28, 2014)
How Birders See America (birdersconundrum at Blogspot)

Watch These Exciting Videos!

Watch this exciting video of Starling murmuration!

Pennsylvania Bald Eagles -- Bald Eagle Live Stream, Hanover

Flying silently - A cutting edge experiment reveals how owls can sneak up on their prey

How to get crystal clear focus with your binoculars -- Check out this YouTube video!

The distinctive call of owls -- a sampler.

Man Sees a Hawk About to be Killed by a Snake -- Watch what happens!

What happens when a jazz composer challenges a vocal virtuoso to match the voices of some of her favorite birds? Birds got swing! A Musical Experiment.

Watch this Peregrine Falcon feeding her chicks!

Watch this video interview with Jeff Gordon talking about the Rufous-necked Wood-rail found in New Mexico!

Perhaps the most amazing video clips ever of Osprey diving to catch fish!

One day; 24 hours; 264 species

Watch the Osprey Cam at Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge! Also known to long-time birders as Brigantine NWR (or the "Brig"), this is where I spent many, many days in my late teens and 20's, and a place I try to visit every time I go home to NJ. Suffice to say, the Brig is a very special place to me, and many other birders.

Check out this first ever video featuring a pair of Spoon-bill Sandpiper raising their chicks. The Spoon-bill Sandpiper is one of the rarest shorebirds on the planet. Their numbers have been in very serious decline for the past decade.

Scrub Jay Funeral

The Central Park Effect Reveals the extraordinary array of wild birds who grace Manhattan's celebrated patch of green and the equally colorful, full-of-attitude New Yorkers who schedule their lives around the rhythms of migration.

Woodpecker on a Feeder!

Flight of the Goshawk (Why its prey, usually smaller birds, don’t stand a chance)

The most amazing bird song in the world? (Click to watch and listen)

Birdsong and Music (David Matthews, one of Britain's leading composers, has always been interested in the incorporation of the natural world into his music)

Important Information!

Each year, the State of the Birds report provides important scientific data to a broad audience with a call to action to improve the conservation status of birds and the environment. This year’s report brings attention to the tremendous promise of public lands and waters for conserving America’s wildlife and habitats. Read it here!